Pamir Public School, Booni

This is one of the first schools that Solas was associated with. The school now has over 400 students and  is progressing well. Over the years Solas has provided funding for land purchase, computers and washrooms. The school anticipates growth and plans have been made for new classrooms.


Solas support to the school to date: £5,260

Solas Health Education Committee, Chitral: School Visit Report:

The school was visited on 16TH December, 2013. Where we meet with the Principal Mr. Israr Ali, the BOG Chairman and Teachers.

  • The school succeeded in bringing drinking water to Pamir school where two stem posts were created, one for the girls section and the other for the boys section. Students and teachers took part in digging and other works in the school area. Now the water supply is regular for drinking and toilets.
  • The School arranged four cleanliness campaigns for the road from Booni Bazaar to Pamir School which is polluted by throw thronging waste.
  • The school has hired two sweepers who are working in the school. They are cleaning the classrooms every day.
  • The school went on a picnic to Qaq Lasht. Before the picnic the area was used to celebrate Qaqlasht festival where the whole area was full of waste. The students disposed of said waste.
  1. Discussion on “Global Hand Washing Day and World Toilet Day”

The World Toilet Day and Global Hand Washing Day were observed in Pamir Booni. Lectures and walks were arranged. Doctors from Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Booni took part in the events.

Walks were arranged from Pamir School to main Bazaar and returned back to the School. It was reported by the principal that the students and community people found this event very helpful. Awareness was increased in the students. These kind of activities should be repeated in the school.