Girls Higher Secondary School, Morder

During the Solas Secretary’s   visit in 2009 a meeting was held with members of the Educational Welfare Society in the new Community Learning Resource Centre, which has been established with assistance from Solas. The school has problems with water supply, as the pipe bringing water from the village needs to be replaced. Solas  contributed to the replacement of the pipe as it is important that schools have an adequate water supply in order to provide a healthy and hygienic environment.
The school and community Learning Centre were visited in 2011 when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Solas.

Morder Powerpoint

Solas support to the school to date: £4,950

School Visit Report:

The school was visited on 21st December, 2013. The committee spent two hours in the school where SHECC met with the Principal Mr. Musa Hussain, Mir Wali Health Education Officer of the school and other teachers.


The school is checking the cleanliness of the students twice a week. It was also reported that from time to time lectures on health & hygiene are delivered to the students. If any student is found to be careless about his health and cleanliness the teachers send messages to the parents regarding this.

  1. Discussion on “Global Hand Washing Day and World Toilet Day”

Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated by the school. On their request a health professional from Kosht Health Center came to deliver a lecture on the topic. 40 parents, both male and female, from Morder and Kosht villages participated in the event. Miss Fatima Bibi delivered a decent lecture on the importance this day. She highlighted the benefits of hand washing. She also demonstrated hand washing. Mr Musa Hussain, Mr. Shakir Ahmad and teachers also spoke on this occasion. After this the students and participants of the function took part in a walk. The walk started from the school and passed through the village to its end before coming back to the school. The participants chanted slogans and held banners during the walk.

World Toilet Day was also observed by the school on 19th November 2013. Around 50 guests from Morder, Kosht and Ali Abad village participated in the function. Mr. Muhammad Yousaf, Doctor from Govt: Health Department, came for the lecture. He stressed on the use of toilets and avoiding the use of open spaces. He also guided the students on how to use the toilets and why washing their hands is important after using the toilets.

Mr. Musa Hussain reported that Solas has done a great job for the school. This activity created awareness among the students.

3. The General cleanliness of the school was good. However the waste cleaned from the classrooms and ground is deposited in the space behind the toilet block. There is no proper way to dispose of it. Cleaning of the classroom is being done by the students. The school management has requested funding from Solas to hire a person and are also requesting help to buy brushes, buckets and other utilities as the income generated from the school is not sufficient to cover even the salaries of the teachers. The committee visited the Principals office, staff room, all classrooms and toilet blocks. The toilets were washed and clean. We found a boy who was sweeping the veranda. All the sweeping and cleanliness is done by the students turn by turn.

4. The drinking water is regular to the school and it is available all the time for the toilets also. A First Aid Box is available at the school.