International Public School, Mastuj

This school was visited in 2009 by Roy Grieve, one of the Solas Trustees, and  George Rawlinson, Solas Secretary. On the day of the visit there was a mothers health education event being held with over 60 women present. There was a presentation by the students on health education, including poems, a song and a short drama on First Aid. The latter were developed from the health education workshop supported by Solas. The primary need of the school is for extra classrooms. Although Solas has provided funding for two rooms they still need more as they now have 11 classes and only 4 classrooms. The Solas funded science block was under construction at the time of the visit.


Solas support to the school to date: £8,934

School Visit Report:

The school was visited on 20th December, 2013. The committee met with the principal Mr.Syed Muzaffar and teachers. The following are the discussions and observations from the visit.


The school observed parents day on April 2013. On that occasion Miss Syeeda, a Nurse from Aga Khan Health Center Chuinj, talked about cleanliness and basic health care. Community members from Chuinj, Parkusap and Mastuj attended this in large numbers.

  1. Discussion on “Global Hand Washing Day and World Toilet Day”

Hand Washing Day was observed in the school and a large number of parents, notables and students from surrounding villages participated. A Nurse from Rural Health Center Mastuj came to the program on the request of the Principal. She delivered a lecture about basic health care and hand washing. She listed the useful aspects of hand washing. Hand washing help prevent diseases and establishes good health. At the end a walk was arranged with the community members with banners and placards provided by SHECC.

The World Toilet Day was also observed in the school with the participation of parents and community members. The students presented stage dramas, demonstrations, and poems with reference to the importance of the day. Refreshments were arranged for the guests at the end. A walk was arranged from the school to Chuinj Bazaar. The Principal said that the celebration of these days helped to raise awareness for a large number of community members and students.

3. The general cleanliness of the school was good. No paper, wrappers etc. was seen in the courtyard. There is no regular drinking water supply for the school. Students are used to bring water from mastuj river which is about a 20-30 minute walking distance.

4. The boundary wall has not been raised to its full height. It is about 3 feet high on two sides and 4 and a half feet on one side. At many places stones from the top of the wall have been removed due to students crossing over the wall.

5. The classrooms were found to be clean. The school is facing a shortage of classrooms. One room is used for Class I to Class 5 and one room for Class 6 and Class 7. The school has only one toilet which has no water supply.