Solas is supporting the developments a the school to raise it to 10th Grade. As the school said in their request for assistance:

‘We need additional 2 Class rooms and two toilets for upgrading of the school to 10 grade. This will save parents additional cost on sending children to distant schools and will save time for children by almost 3 hours on daily basis in addition to bringing those to school who quit after grade 8 for financial constraints.’

Upgrading of School

Solas in partnership with the Umeed Foundation in Islamabad are supporting the development of the Community Based School Dolomuch in raising the level of the school to grade 10. Funding provided by the Umeed Foundation will ensure that the school can construct the two extra classrooms and two toilets needed to upgrade the school. Once completed parents will not need to find the extra funds needed to send their children to distant schools, often travelling 3 hours a day. Female students will be encouraged to remain in education longer as they will not need to travel long distances each day.

SOLAS has donated funds for  toilets, science equipment, construction and electrification. the toilet and washblock are fully operational and are dedicated to specific classes so that they feel ownership of them. They are being well used and form part of the school teaching with classes having lessons in hygiene, how to wash their hands etc. Funds for science equipment was also provided and the school awaited delivery once the roads were clear.
The method of teaching seems very good and there is a strong emphasis on environmental work – the school has won WWF prizes for the past two years. Children are made to feel part of the school, classes having areas of ground where they are growing grass and flowers. Girls are encouraged to play a full part in games and while this was a problem at first it is not a problem now. (Any opposition from the parents was countered by discussion and finally by saying they could withdraw their children if they wanted.)

SOLAS has supported the electrification of the school which it is helped to address identified hurdles to progress – these being:-

· Some of the classrooms were very dark and it become very difficult to study inside the classrooms. In such a situation it is possible that it may affect the eyes/ vision of the students.

· The teachers used dry battery cells to play a tape recorder which was costly.

· In the summer season, it become unbearable for the youngsters to sit inside the small classes without fans when the temperature goes beyond 45 degree Celsius.

· The building of CBS Dolomuch is used for social, cultural and religious activities of the community. So it functions as a community hall where meetings are arranged, parents days, special events and functions are held, marriages are taken place, workshops and seminars are conducted, adult female literacy centre is run, indoor games are played and many more. All of these needed a sound system which needed electricity.