Al Nasir

Al Nasir has over 300 students and has started a small junior section of KG, Classes 1 & 2 in a nearby village. The impact of the health education work Solas has supported is bearing fruit as shown by the way that the junior  school has a toilet, a water stand in the yard and soap provided. It is unlikely that these facilities would have been available, or been so integrated into children’s activities, had the school not participated in the activities of Solas Health Education Committee. This shows that the Health Education Officers established in the schools  have an important role to play in changing behaviour patterns in schools.

Al Nasir assembly
Science equipment purchased through solas support

Solas support to the school to date: £4,450

School Visit Report:

Al Nasir CBS was visited on 14-12-2013. The SHECC members met with the principal, health education officer and teachers. The following items were discussed.


    1. During the year 2013 two awareness lecture program were organized where the lady health workers of the nearest health centre delivered lectures.
    2. Parents Day was organized in the month of August 2013. All BOG members, community people and students took part. In this event the health education officer presented different activities and demonstrations on the importance of primary health care.
    3. The female college students have formed a committee which will address the problems facing them with the Principal, BOG or any relevant person. In this regard they requested the lady health workers to have a lecture on specific health issues regarding girls at the school.
    4. “Bazm-e-Adab” a competition was held between the students in essay writing, speeches, naat khwani and paintings in the school.

2. Discussion on “Global Hand Washing Day and World Toilet Day”

The school administration was very thankful to Solas for the support which made it possible to conduct the activities. It was reported that the school invited Doctors who delivered a very fruitful lecture on health & hygiene. Walks were arranged, the commandant of Chitral Scouts was also invited jointly by Pamir and Al Nasir School for participation in a walk and improving the cleanliness of the Bazaar. A large number of parents and community people took part in this event. When the SHECC secretary asked the college students about the benefits of these activities one female student stated that “being a college student she has learned for the first time how to wash her hands properly. Although we were already washing our hands we never knew how much time we should use the soup and water and how important it is for our health”

3.  General cleanliness of school was good. The construction of the boundary wall was near to completion. Cement and other materials were collected for the construction of toilets and examination hall. The school has requested support from the district government and are also seeking Solas support. The proposal form was provided to the school and they will send their proposal to Solas.

4. Currently only two toilets are available for both male and female students and both of them are not in a proper hygienic condition due a very high number of users. They have one toilet for the male and female teachers. SHECC were in view that the school needs more toilets immediately.

5. During the discussion it was requested by the school that when they arranged future parent days or any health & hygiene day that a representative or members of SHECC should participate in future which will encourage the school. In this regards if SHECC was informed timely we will try our best to participate in schools activities.